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friendly terms with. Kauch and SchinkeL Besides
the members of the commission, the crown prince
took a great interest in the arrangement of the mu-
seum, Hiimboldt's principal task in the commission
was to direct the councils., to reconcile contradictory
opinions^ and to report to the king after the business
was concluded*
On the 3rd August, 1830, the museum, a new
ornament to the town of Berlin, was opened^ and on
the 21st of the same month, Humboldt submitted to
the king a report of the arrangements which had
"been made. The king was MgUy gratified, and the
museum honours the memory of its foundera In the
hall are placed the busts of the men who were com-
missioned to organize the institution, and that of
ScMnkelj the architect, and of William von Hiimboldt.
The bust of the latter was made by Tieck, after one
by Thorwaldsen in Home,
To strengthen bis health, Humboldt visited Gastein
in the years 1829 and 1830, but for Ms mind, and
spirit he sought other means of consolation. And as
that sentimental feature which had characterized Ms
youth now returned in age, he loved with, increased
tenderness all that had gladdened his younger years,
Home, the life in Jena, and especially ScMller^s
memory. He had for some time before had the in-
tention of publishing that beautiful memorial of their
intimacy, his correspondence^ and had permitted Kor-
ner to publish a few fragments of it in frig sketch of
SeMiler's life. Now, after Goethe bad published Ms
correspondence with Ins friend, Humboldt no longer
hesitated to do the same; he prepared the publication
of the letters in the commencement of 1830., and
wrote his beautiful introduction to it in May, in Tegei
The collection soon afterwards appeared in Stuttgardt,
published by Cotta,
In September of this year Humboldt received from
the King of Prussia the following gratifying" commu-
nication, " I have read the report of tbe 21st tilt.,
which yon have prepared of the execution of the com-